Moscow was among the pioneers of space exploration. Moscow contributed legendary art masterpieces to the world. The Moscow Metro is the most beautiful in the world.
The Moscow’s 870th Anniversary festival’s venues, due to open all over the city, will tell visitors about the outstanding achievements, discoveries and inventions of local residents. Moscow builds, explores, creates, invents and sets records.
Today, no player in the CSKA Moscow Ice Hockey Club wears the No. 17 T-shirt. This number has been reserved for eternity for the legendary Valery Kharlamov.
The Diorama Cinema at VDNKh, the Soviet-era forerunner of IMAX and 5D cinema systems, is the world’s only 360-degree orbit cinema with stereo sound.
Alexander Basov and Nikolai Prokhorov developed the maser, the forerunner of the laser, in Moscow. In 1964, they received the Nobel Prize in Physics for this invention.
Konstantin Melnikov has been called the Russian Gaudi. His architectural legacy is so impressive that UNESCO declared 1990, when his birth centennial was celebrated, the Year of Konstantin Melnikov.
In 1737-1741, Stepan Krasheninnikov, a student, joined the Second Kamchatka Expedition’s Academic Squad and explored the Kamchatka Peninsula almost single-handedly.
Pilot Valery Chkalov and his crew made the first non-stop flight from Moscow to Vancouver via the North Pole. This also became the first non-stop flight from the Soviet Union to North America.
Alexander Suvorov led the Russian troops into 60 battles and won them all. In most battles, he defeated numerically superior enemy forces.