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The Parkour Park in Moscow, one of the largest in Russia, is a great place for setting new records

A multipurpose 2,000 square metre parkour park will be set up on a site between Kamergersky Pereulok and Nikitsky Pereulok on City Day. The festival’s most active visitors will be able to test their skills on a 75-metre obstacle course with 11 apparatuses and four two-metre high modules.

“This individual project has been designed for City Day. It will be the largest ever Parkour Park in Russia designed for both amateur and professional traceurs,” said representatives of PARKOURWAY, a company that promotes the parkour industry and offers parkour platforms in Russia and the CIS.

Shows and exhibition performances by the country’s best parkour practitioners will be held on 9 and 10 September. Professional instructors and traceurs will help everyone aged above 12 to learn acrobatic parkour movements, such as wall climbing and jumping.

Workshops will be held every hour and will last 45 minutes. This unique parkour site will have the best equipment for safe training, including a steel module, laminated plywood and special cover.

The park will be divided into two zones, a modern site and one styled as a courtyard with obstacles such as benches, pull-up bars, motorbikes and cars in City Day colours.

Contests between professional traceurs will be held in the Parkour Park on 9 and 10 September. Registration will open on 25 August.

They will compete for the title of the Best Parkour Athlete of Moscow 870 City Day and a monetary prize of 20,000 roubles in four categories: Best Trick, Free Run Motion, True Way and Action Style.

The judges will include professional athletes such as Kirill Kolesnikov, winner of many Russian and international parkour competitions; Vlad Erovikov, Special Projects Director at the Moscow Parkour Academy and winner of the Moscow Red Bull LGZ contest; and Zelimkhan Dzhabrailov, winner of international contests and participant of the Parkourcity Russia Tour and Red Bull Art of Motion events.

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