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Moscow drawing

Moscow is a city where inspiration lives and which has fired the imagination of many Russian artists. Wassily Kandinsky, Fyodor Alekseyev and Vasily Polenov made many paintings of Moscow, which portray the city’s history, legends, its past beauty and wonderful fantasies about its future, its majestic architecture and breathtaking landscapes.

Contest for the best drawing of Moscow

You always carry a sketchbook and make drawings in it? Moscow Seasons and its partners are announcing a contest of drawings posted on Instagram for City Day.

In order to take part in the contest, make drawings of your favourite street, square or building in Moscow or a person you admire, or even your favourite Moscow dish. Just like Moscow, the theme of this contest is complex and multifaceted. Try to make a drawing that will tell us what Moscow means to you.

The next step is to post it on Instagram with the contest hashtags #YaRisuyuYubilei (I draw the anniversary) and #MoskvaRisuyet (Moscow draws). Entries will be accepted until 6 September 2017.

The drawings will be judged by Anton Gudim, a Moscow based artist who has made a name for himself with webcomics about everyday life. Every Internet user has seen his classy illustrations.

«Moscow represents duality, complexity and a high level of mobility, collision and confusion of separate elements of appearance… Moscow is my pictorial tuning fork.»,

This is how Wassily Kandinsky expressed his feelings about Moscow.

On 7 September, Anton Gudim will choose three drawings. The winners will receive special prizes from our partners: stylish sketchbooks by MAXGOODZ, bright Faber-Castell felt pens from the art shop «Collage», gift vouchers to the specialised arts shop «Peredvizhnik» and a phone case with an exclusive design from Girls In Bloom.

Make your drawings and post them on Instagram with a @moscowseasons tick. We will post them on the Moscow Season’s official accounts.

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